14 Tech Trends We Love

It's Valentine's week and love is in the air!  What do we love at BRED? Technology. In honour of Valentine's week, we're sharing the  14 tech trends we love!

14 Tech Trends We LOVE


We love …

❤️Seeing more people adopting technology now more than ever before! 
❤️2020 has been called the year of DeFi —or decentralized finance. DeFi refers to the paradigm shift from today’s closed financial system towards an open financial economy based on open protocols that are bred heartinteroperable, programmable, and composable. 
❤️That means blockchain is becoming more mainstream! (Did we mention BRED is powered by the blockchain?!) Blockchain has the potential to reshape industries by enabling trust, providing transparency and enabling value exchange across business ecosystems, potentially lowering costs, reducing transaction settlement times and improving cash flow and the movement of materials.
❤️Because of these advances we're seeing consumers become more involved in investing. The continuing rise in technology has opened the doors of opportunity for self-directed investing.
❤️Stock exchanges are also embracing technology. Shout out to the Jamaica Stock Exchange for their adoption of new technologies, and of course our friends at Blockstation!
❤️As more people adopt technology, ideas continue to grow. We love to see accelerator programs – like Techstars (proud 2019 alum!) growing, connecting people and introducing new accelerator programs.
❤️All of this is helping to change the definition of success as companies  embrace a much more comprehensive range of success metrics.  Investors, customers and employers are putting pressure on organizations to respond to changing societal values, concerns about climate change and finite natural resources, and economic and political instability.
bred heart❤️This means positive and practical uses of technology. Example: Chainalysis, which develops money laundering countermeasure technology. 
❤️It also means organizations are also recognizing  privacy and safety are important in the information age. Digital ethics and privacy are topics that are receiving more and more attention from both private individuals as well as associations and government organizations.  

There are also some really fun tech trends we're loving!

❤️We love Hyper-automation which takes task automation to the next level.
❤️All of this technology may leave us with more time on our hands ... Time not spent doing laundry thanks to one of the greatest innovations we’ve seen in awhile: the FoldiMate laundry folding robot! The FoldiMate folds about 25 pieces of laundry in less than five minutes!

❤️So what to do with all that time? Love gaming? For gamers, 2020 is going to be a great year. Apple has already launched its Arcade, and Google has launched Stadia, both representing a renewal of the gaming industry, and you can expect to see more industries getting into gaming!
❤️Love the idea of love? You could learn some new terms? It is Valentine's week afterall, and online romance is pretty much the norm in 2020 with apps like tinder, eharmony and match. We're loving these fun online dating terms including: Cause-playing (/kawz-play-ing), Dial-toning (/dahy-uh l-tohn-ing) being Glamboozled (/glam-boo-zuh l'd) or Kanye'd (/kon-yey'd )  bred heart

But the trend we love most of all?

❤️2020 is the year of BRED! In January BRED became the first issuer to initiate an offering on the JSE Digital Asset Platform powered by Blockstation. We can’t wait to share 2020 with you❤️


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