The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) kicked off 2020 with their Regional Investments and Capital Markets Conference 2020 on Jan 21-23, 2020. It was held in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jamaica's Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness, delivered the keynote address, recognizing the JSE great avenue for the social development of the country and the growth of Jamaica’s human capital. The JSE has previously been recognized for its progressive activity and was rated the world’s best-performing stock market by Bloomberg News

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At the event, tokenized IPOs were formally presented. BRED Token became the first issuer to initiate an offering on the JSE Digital Asset Platform powered by Blockstation! This is the first step toward having a security token offering (STO) visible to brokers. Currently, the JSE is one of the only regulated stock exchange in the world with a Digital Asset Trading Platform.

As part of an event hosted by Blockstation at the JSE Conference, BRED was invited to make a presentation. BRED CEO, Jag Basrai and BRED CTO, Kobhi Nanthakumaran spoke about the tokenized real estate fund, powered by the blockchain, working to provide liquidity in an illiquid real estate space.

The event was well attended and very well received. In fact, The Loop Jamaica, published an article about it!

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This is an important step towards investors being able to trade BRED Tokens on the JSE. In order to launch, there are few more items that must be completed. BRED is working diligently with legal and soon the regulators to ensure we continue down the path of our goals to be one of the first tokenized private equity offerings in the world utilizing and adopting technology as a means to ensure a future-proofed fund.

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