AAdorable girl using tablet with educational conceptpril is Financial Literacy Month (FLM).

This year’s FLM is happening in the midst of unprecedented circumstances.  We’re watching the world come to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic shutters businesses worldwide, and most global citizens have been directed to follow some sort of home isolation protocol.
We recognize there is a lot of fear surrounding finance, so our goal at BRED is to help focus on ways to work towards a bright financial future.

 The purpose of FLM is to educate and engage with the public regarding the need for financial literacy, with the primary goals of the initative being to help the  public understand how to:

  • Provide for themselves and their family;
  • Invest in their future and the future of their children ; and
  • Contribute to the community as a good citizen.

 BRED is kicking off FLM with some links for kids because understanding the basics about money is as essential today as numeracy and basic literacy.​


Fun & Games

One of the best ways to engage kids in learning is through games. Here are some fun money games to try out:


Math Games

Money Activities for Kids


Difference between need & want

Talking to your kids about money

Money Lessons for Kids

A guide to investing

More fun activities

And, we leave you with a video. Happy Financial Literacy Month!